ARES®  Region 2 District 3  Park County

The purposes for which R2D3 ARES® is organized are to provide disaster preparedness, reliable primary and secondary emergency communication links for governmental agencies and/or non-profit organizations when needed and supply mutual aid to other ARES® groups when requested;

Provide training of volunteers in amateur radio emergency services using Simulated Emergency Tests (SETS) and other appropriate training, as well as instruction of the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community;

Solicit and raise funds to support and advance the programs and activities of R3D3 ARES®.

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Articles of Incorporation (PDF)
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Bylaws (PDF)
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Meeting Minutes/EC Reports (7/29/17)
Field Staffing positions (7/4/17) 
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Memo of Understanding with Park County Sheriff (PDF) (10/28/05)
News (7/29/2017)
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Park County Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Region 2 District 3 Field Staffing Positions (2017)
Dan Kern W0DFU Emergency Coordinator
Brian Foltz KC0UFO Vice Emergency Coordinator
Laurita Summerton KE0KOO Assistant Emergency Coordinator
South Park
Frank Lambert WB4CIW Primary Fairplay Operations Center
Kevin Scofield KD0VHD South Park Liaison/Public Information Officer
Jeff Wuertele N0XCR Weather Officer

North Park
Toby Mathews N0BNP Backup Emergency Operations Center
Mike Borrego AB0RR Liaison/Public Information Officer
Scott Graham W0MTM Weather Officer
Brian Marshall KE0LTD Training Officer
John Auer KB0UMU Resource Officer
Stephen Rudy KD0FDS Radio Operator
Colin Jones KDŘDQT Radio Operator
Ed Lochrie KL7ED Radio Operator
Jason Wilcox KE0NYC Radio Operator
Brian Marshall KE0LTD Radio Operator
Lynnette Boyer First Aid
Earle Boyer KE0OLD Radio Operator
Steve Berg KE0PGG Radio Operator